Republicans are here to win

December 27, 2015

The Republican Party has built itself up over the years as a party of division, with commentators looking at fights between the Tea Party and Establishment. Before then we looked at Main Street Republicans and Conservatives drifting the party apart. Regardless of the year or the fight, it always seems that Republicans are just destined to inter-party, ideological fights.

And Republicans are better for it.

We have tougher primaries, which may in the digital age expose the eventual nominee to a damaged brand, but over all prepares Republicans to have robust GOTV networks. Democrats, largely, ignore the primary process and tend to prefer groomed candidates that stick to the party positions and do not waiver at all.

To an outside observer, a Republican fighting another Republican in the public square looks like a sign of weakness, but it is truly a sign of strength. Fighting is only bad if it stops us from achieving our goal, which is winning elections. Statistically speaking, Republicans do that a hell lot more than the Democrats. Check out this great tweet from Rory Cooper that truly captures what that means:

This has all been since 2008, a period in which Republican dysfunction is the go to story for the mainstream media. Remember this 2009 TIME Magazine article?

Endangered Species | May 18, 2009

If the 2009 state of the Republican party was endangered, then the 2015 state of the Democratic party must be nearly extinct. Republicans run state governments, even if there is a Democratic Executive (see: New Hampshire Budget).

The GOP is going to continue to win and build majorities in states for election cycles to come. The Republican Party wants to give people freedom, while the Democrats want to give people free things. In the 21st Century, freedom should prevail.