My Choice for Selectman

March 6, 2016

If you are voting for Salem's future on Tuesday, we have some interesting choices to make. In the race for our Town's next Selectman, we have three qualified candidates. Each will lead our town forward towards economic opportunity and prosperity. All believe in the power of the Free Market to open up Salem and pave the way for the future of our community.

However, we have to vote for just one of these candidates. In my opinion, the candidate Salem will benefit most from is Lisa Withrow. She has the leadership skills and forward thinking ability to lead Salem toward the future.

This endorsement is not against anyone running - this endorsement is for Salem. While I do believe Salem is best served with Lisa on the Board of Selectman, our town cannot do wrong. What a blessing it is to live in Salem.

Please join me on March 8 by voting for Lisa Withrow.