Governor Hassan's Disastrous Veto

December 27, 2015

If Governor Hassan had signed the budget the House and Senate worked hard to put together, businesses in and outside of New Hampshire would be able to see a little clarity when planning the next two years of State taxes and interventions. 

However, Governor Hassan saw it fit to veto the budget, largely due to proposed business tax cuts that would have allowed New Hampshire's economy to show further growth. Salem needs positive, robust growth. Too many lots remain undeveloped and it seems the only big projects pursued are for more car lots and other saturated businesses. Maybe, Salem and the rest of New Hampshire would have been able to attract more businesses to our community if the Governor was in favor of business growth as much as she is in favor of the growth of her own political career.

I still believe Salem's future is bright, but we need to fight for the advantages to make it so. Economic growth does not come easily and to move Salem forward, certainty for our business and community leaders needs to come from a stable state government that does not operate month to month.

Governor Hassan's veto of a responsible budget has deprived Salem of that opportunity.